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Natural Hertfordshire Spring & Summer Honey

We produce two crops of honey each year. The first is foraged from spring flowers April -May. Sources include field crops such as oilseed rape and field bean. including many fruits such as apple and wild plum. Trees include Sycamore and horse chestnut.  Our 2nd crop is gathered by the bees in July, comprising of woodland flowers, blackberries, sweet chestnut, lime and willow herb. Other honey sources include clover, dandelion, thistle naming but a few.   

Honey is a natural energy giving food made up of two main sugars Glucose and fructose. In the UK all natural, Raw, unheated honey will eventually set known as crystallisation. It is the glucose that crystallizes in the honey. Also as a general rule lighter Spring coloured honeys have a mild flavour and darker honeys have a fuller, rich flavour. Like a wine each year is different - never the same twice. Commercially heat processed honey rarely crystallises.

Honey will store for many years in an airtight container in a cool place. It has been found in Egyptian tombs and still said to be edible. Honey has been known to cure stomach ulcers, heal infectious wounds when applied to dressings, used by hay-fever sufferers and used in cosmetics. It is also greatly used in cooking and making one of the oldest alcoholic beverages ‘Mead’.

As bees and other insects search out nectar they more importantly pollinate wild flowers helping trees and plants set seed. This in turn feeds birds throughout the year especially in winter. Bees also collect the pollen which is high in protein used to feed their young.

Pure Block of Beeswax 1oz/30g

Natural beeswax comes from melted honey comb. It is filtered & cleaned and offered for sale in golden blocks. These can vary in colour from light to deep golden tones.

Beeswax 1oz/30g




Natural Cut Comb




Natural Hertfordshire Comb Honey  min 170g

Our cut comb honey is as natural as it gets. It has been carefully removed from the hive, cut into sizeable chunks which can be eaten as it is or spread on toast. One can find

occasionally pollen within the honey. (Availability June - December)

Sold Out!

1LB Set Honey Unlabelled Clear Honey


Collection in Person Welcome!

 We offer our Clear and Raw Set honey in:

Please Note: Although we have had no breakages and all items are well packaged,

we can not guarantee insurance for loss, due to damage, of any glassware during transit.

Due to Low Stock:

Mail Order Honey Will Resume in June when the New Spring Harvest Is Available!